Jay: Dawning of a new era

Well at least Joe Torre will have a full resume and a ton of great references. Here’s an interesting conundrum: Torre:gone, that’s a gimme. But Arod(Mr. Sucktober), Posada, Mariano, Pettite(player option), Clemens(old age), Abreu(team option) all could be gone next year. If there is one team that could sign all those its the Yanks, but lets be realistic, they won’t. So do they give ARod his 10yr/$300m, have Joba close and find a catcher(Mets and Posada make a great tandem) or sign those two and give up the greatest statistical player the game has ever seen? Keep in mind the Yanks open up a new stadium in april of 2009. I don’t envy the Empire’s winter ahead, or the angst of the fans. This winter will define the next ten years for the Bombers.
I gotta go with the sox in six.
The offense is clicking, Beckett and Shill can match CC and Fausto. I like dice and wake/lester better then byrd and westbrook. Plus Borowski never got tested, and he will this series. The NL should go seven and there is a chance Webb gets three starts and the D-backs need to win those three. Both teams are red-hot, playing with house money, and are just having fun being here. IT will be a great series, and the d-backs in seven.
Quite an odd array of conversations this morning. I was referred to as a “blogger of ill-repute” by our newbie PA Laura. Found out Pete’s favorite new food is some concoction called Hot Dog Pie(Pete has a reputation for eating nothing green or that was grown in dirt).
Found out that Laura’s two Guinea Pigs just can’t get along and it is stressing her out a bit. The coup-De-gras though was hearing Mark the Shark describe the mating rituals of his “little guy” Captain Jack Sparrow. Just another typical morning here at the Peacock.


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