Jay: A case of the Mondays

A pretty slow and dull Monday, which is fine with me. It’s rare that I end a week here that I am glad i have the weekend off. But after thursdays tragic events in Wolcott, and Friday, every computer i touched seemed to melt down, it was a bit of a long two days. This on top of the in-laws coming to visit, my stress level was at an abnormal high. So work this morning was a little sluggish, but THE PEOPLE here always seem to pull me up on the rare days I am down. And, honestly it wasn’t to bad a weekend, Michigan, Sox, Giants, and Celts all won, which is a rare occurence.
Always nice to have a guest in the morning, and today Andy joined us for a brief stint. Sometimes, like in all offices, I’m sure, when a new person fills in there is always some sort of feling out period. Andy though fits in perfectly. It helps that he’s a bit off-center.
Really quiet newsroom this morning, actually just heard that an actor from High School Musical will be in Studio on wednesday during our news @11am. So there’s a little nugget for you guys.
Good to see the D-Backs win(like i thought), the Rockies were a HUGE surprise. Poor CHicago. Sox rolled(DUH!!!!) and the yanks are in trouble. If Cleveland doesn’t start CC Sabathia tonight the series will go five and I don’t think the tribe can stop the bombers then. Please eric Wedge, start your ace and finish these guys. Frankly they’re the only team i am concerned about, and i don’t know if I can survive another seven game sox/yanks marathon.
BTW, my favorite Italian meal, veal parm, or homemade spagetts and meatballs, with of course tiramasu(???).
Have a grat day


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