Joe: A Unique Daily Grind

Hi! My name is Joe. I’m the 5am producer, Tracy’s partner in crime.

To produce the morning show, you have to be a vampire!

Many people don’t realize that the preparations for a morning show start at 11pm the night before! My day starts at around 9:45pm when I stumble out of bed. I get to the station right before the 11pm news starts. I watch our 11pm show along with all the other stations to get an idea of what went on while I was in bed. Tracy and I then spend the whole night while most of the world is asleep putting together the 5am-7am show. So, we are truly nocturnal!

Then during the 5am hour, my main job is to sit in the control room and scream at Pete and Jay the directors and tell them what to do 🙂 Actually, they are quite adept at telling me what to do! My main job during the show is to keep it on time. This is no easy task with Keisha, Brad, Bob and Shark. I don’t have to tell you they’re all motor mouths!

I head home at around 8am and get ready to do it all over again! It’s tough doing a morning show, but there is something really cool about knowing you are helping lots of people get their day off on the right foot.

If you ever have suggestions on how we can do that better, fire away! I can’t promise it will happen, but we’ll be listening.


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