Jay: Playoff fever

If you love baseball, then this years play-offs over enough for all fans. All the series over great intrigue and superb match-ups. I think the most interesting series is the Phillies/Rockies. They are the two hottest teams coming into the tournament and neither one of the teams have the pitching to quiet down the other line-up. Cole hamels is the only true difference maker on either staff, but there is no stopping the grit of the Rockies. Both teams are both naive enough to shake off play-off pressure and i think the scoreboard operators may get the most work outside the bullpen catchers. Gonna go five, with the PHILLS winning only because they have the last at-bats.
This could be the worst time of year for Cub fans. They just know the other shoe will drop at some point, and this year Cub fans, Brandon Webb has that other shoe. He’s the type of hurler that can put a team in a series long slump and that team has more then enough energy to burn. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Cubs, but this series just doesn’t sit well with me. I love the D-Backs pen, and Eric Byrnes is in such a groove(MVP???) that ARIZONA WILL WIN IN FOUR.
Sorry NLers, but the four best teams are in the AL, and the best two sit in the AL East. Listen, I don’t like the Yankees at all but there is no denying the fact that they can rake. They will bludgeon any pitching staff and they OWN the Tribe. Plus I gotta believe they take the training wheels off of Joba(hello 1997) and the fact that every Yankee hitter dominates Joe Borowski, YANKS IN FOUR.
Okay, I am biased here, but the Sox are the better team. Deeper staff, better defense, home field and of course, health. Vlad is hurting, Escobar’s elbow/shoulder is a worry, and Matthews is a BIG loss. Manny is fine, Dice and Shill have found their groove, and ready Sox fans, JD Drew is primed for a great few weeks. I hate the Halos’ pen which is were the Sawx make their living. Not a contest, SOX IN THREE.


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