WOW!!!!! What a show!!!!! Love him or hate him there is no denying the fact the man knows how to rock out a venue. A great 2 1/2 hour show. My wife Nikki(more on her in a later post) and I both live for his music and songwriting. Neither of us left the HCC dissapointed. We have now seen almost all of our favorite bands together live, next on the list is Pearl Jam, whenever they tour again. Sorry, back to the show… It had a great mix of classics and new stuff. Played probably 4 or 5 from Magic, his recent work. A few from the Seger sessions, and some from The Rising. Of course the highlight of the show was the 7 minute version of Born To Run, perhaps the greatest rock-n-roll song EVER RECORDED!!!! I am sure there are more then a few of you out there that are sick of all this Bruce talk, so this should end it for a while. Just one more morning of it and we will be finished. I gotta say though, it is almost midnight and I am still amped from the show, good thing I am off on Wed.
Gonna hit the hay/Its been a long day/I just gotta say/thanks for reading/that’s it from Jay.
P.S. Playoff preview and picks later Wednesday


One Response to “Bruce”

  1. Bruce so totally rocks! What an awesome show last night! It is pretty impressive to be the age he is and still be able to rock with the best of them.I love the morning show and all the zaniness that goes with it! I look forward to it everymorning- Can’t get in the shower before I see the first weather hit. I know once I hear the Today show in the background that I am running late…again. I have a hard enough time organizing myself and two pets in the morning- I can only imagine what it will be like when there are kids in the mix!

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