pete: hey everyone!

Good morning to those of you checking in… this is pete the other morning show director here. I am the ying to Jay’s yang. I also cant wait for Bruce Springsteen tonight… because I am tired of hearing about him. šŸ˜‰

Anyway, here’s a little bit about me… I have the esteemed pleasure of driving the NBC30 sponsored NASCAR race car up at Stafford Motor Speedway. Our regular race season ended last Saturday… and unfortunately mine ended a little earlier than most others after someone spun me out.
My crew and I are currently getting the car ready to compete in the “World Series of NASCAR racing” at Thompson International Speedway next weekend (Oct 12-14th). It will be my first race ever at Thompson, and my first trip there since I was about 9 years old and went to see my favorite NASCAR Driver Geoff Bodine race there against Ken Schrader. So, I’m a little excited about that.

I’ll keep you updated on how that goes… in the meantime feel free to ask me any questions you might have about the wonderful world of TV News!
For instance, if you asked “Pete, why did that camera jump from Brad onto Keisha at 6:35 this morning?!” I would answer “Laura, our floor director, pushed a wrong button on the robotic camera control unit and moved the wrong camera.” Laura is a little upset and hasn’t stopped apologizing yet… we’ve been teasing her a little over it, but that’s because everyone makes mistakes! (no one more than me usually!)

see ya later


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