Laura: The Newbie

Hello there everyone!
You may refer to me as “newbie,” “bubbles,” and/or “sparkles”. I am one of two women that work the morning shift. Chris and I are surrounded by hilarious, sometimes odd, men. I am a recent college graduate and new to the world of nbc 30. Being here only a few months, I have to prove that I can handle the daily tasks of being a production assistant. That is why I am still apologizing for moving that pesky camera off Brad Drazen, and onto Keisha Grant. Oh boy, that was not fun. I also apologize to you, viewer, for having to watch that. All I asked of the guys was to wait a day to pick on me for the brilliant move. Let’s just say that didn’t happen. Luckily though, another production assistant, Scott, locked his keys in his car. The attention has now been redirected.


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