Jay: Tuesday Tidbits

Good Morning!!!! Just finished the 5am hour, and it was a real solid show. A lot of the credit goes to the producers, Joe(5am hour), Tracy(6am hour) and our assignment desker Julie for getting the show rolling. As of 4am we still weren’t sure where to send our live reporter. We debated over the missing hikers in Plainville or Bradley Intl. for the arrival of the new Airbus airliner. One of or biggest factors is what our viewers will be talking about that morning. Both stories were “water cooler worthy” and since we had exclusive video, the story involved three kids and many towns, Plainville was the place. Don’t worry though, we will ease the hankering for the plane by having the story all morning long. It’s always a great feeling to go into a show feeling good and then finishing it feeling even better. I think today we showed why we all work together so well. Everyone had a say on what was best for our newscast, we all agreed what was best, and pulled it off well.

Well that’s enough work related stuff, because tonight it is BRUUUUUUUUUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!

This will be the third time seeing him in concert, First at Fenway which was just an experience that easily ranks in my top five of my life, then when we went solo with Devils and dust up in Worcester, MA. I was born into the “Boss” and have been a huge fan my whole life. Also the second season starts this week, Go SOX!!!!! The rivalry is just as big inside our production family as it is any where else. We are all loyal to a team, mostly Sox fans, a few Yanks fans, and one Met fan(Brad, please send condolences).

That’s enough for now, thanks for reading. Remember please feel free to send your comments and thoughts to us, we love feed back from our viewers, remember the news is for you and the only way we know what you want is if you send us ideas so please open your minds and let your fingers to the talking. See you back here tomorrow for a review of Bruce and a playoff preview.



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