Jason: A view from the other side

This is a momentous occasion on our website, for the first time, a member of the production crew gets a chance to blog. This is my first dip into the blogging pool, my name is Jason and I am one of our morning directors. We are up at 2am and in by 3:30 so our take on the world tends to be a bit off-kilter and a tad odd, but thats the way we are in the mornings. We are a tight crew that really works well together. We enjoy bringing you the news everyday and hopefully I’ll have some time to give you a peek into our quirky little universe.


2 Responses to “Jason: A view from the other side”

  1. Well I appreciate all your efforts!My day starts at 5am with both babies crying ans ends at 11pm usually the same way! so thanks for helping me through with some good news!

  2. Melissa,Thanks for watching and good luck with your two babies.

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